The Wales Centre of Excellence for Anaerobic Digestion provides a wide range of technical and non technical support to AD and Biogas stakeholders. The support that we provide is strictly independent. We are not affiliated to any suppliers, manufacturers or technology types. There are many ways to design and operate an AD plant, and each scheme should be evaluated on a case by case basis.

General Information / Dissemination of Knowledge

Understanding the technical, financial and regulatory requirements of an AD plant can be confusing. The AD Centre aims to provide unbiased information relating to all aspects of the development and operation of an AD facility. Our day to day activities typically include:

• Awareness raising and seminars
• Developing Guidance for AD plant developers
• Developing Best practice for AD operators
• Dissemination of best practice in AD
• Collation of a publicly available and free to use database of companies involved in the AD & Biogas industry supply chain
• Collation of the latest research and innovation evidence relevant to the AD and biogas sectors
• Developing AD publicity for general public consumption
• Advice on food waste collection, transportation and storage
• Life Cycle Assessment of AD technologies and biogas utilisation

Technical and Analytical Support

The AD Centre has some of the most well equipped laboratories in the country that are entirely devoted to developing improved and innovative anaerobic processes and efficient use of process outputs. This, coupled with over forty years of research and development expertise at the Sustainable Environment Research Centre, and a strong industry knowledge means that the AD Centre is well placed to support the needs of the growing AD and biogas industry. Our services are tailored to your needs, but typical activities include:

• Characterisation of substrates and digestates
• Biodegradability testing
• Pilot scale studies
• Evaluation of pre-treatment options
• Monitoring of microbial populations
• Inhibition studies
• Digester health checks, monitoring programmes and process optimisation
• Development of monitoring and control methodologies for AD plants

Provision of support and funding for innovation within the AD and biogas sectors

The AD Centre is able to provide funding specifically to eligible SMEs in the Wales Convergence Region and also wider support to industry for the development of new or improved products, processes or services within the AD and biogas sectors.